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 Spearhead Multicut 460

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 Spearhead Multicut 460

Multicut 460 Special Offers

The Spearhead 460 rotary wing mower will exceed your expectations. Three rotors and nine boron steel blades cutting 4.6 metres at high speeds means you really get through the work.

Each of these blades has a ‘high-lift’ tail that creates suction to lift virtually any material. This gives you excellent performance even when cutting in long stubbles or dense set-aside. You are assured a clean cut even in the heaviest growths.

● 161hp splitter gearbox and 111hp rotor gearbox with 2 year guarantee
● Special design of slip clutch provides continuous protection against overload
● Wide angle constant velocity joints on pto shaft for continuous cutting
● Hydraulically controlled parallel linkage for even cutting height
● Puncture resistant pneumatic tyres on rubber suspension for high speed transport
● Floating wings to give even cutting on undulating ground


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